Fried Jell-O cooks in a frier during the 2016 Big Tex Choice Awards Sunday, August 28, 2016 at Fair Park in Dallas. The annual event, held ahead of the State Fair of Texas, recognizes the best fried foods entered into consideration for sale at the fair. (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)

Taking animated GIFs during the Big Tex Awards

The annual Big Tex Choice Awards —¬†where we find out who made the best State Fair fried foods ¬†— is always a fun gig. This year, I tried to do a little something fun myself, and decided to play around a little with some animated GIFs. Continue reading

February 2016

Dallas Stars left wing Patrick Sharp (10) looks back as Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid (54) and goalie Tuukka Rask can’t keep his shot from ending up in the net during the first period of their game Saturday, February 20, 2016 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. (G.J. McCarthy/The Dallas Morning News)


Another month in the books. This is also the last complete month I’ll work nights (on this go-round of the rotation), so it’s predictably full of night-time things like sports, concerts, food reviews and so forth. Starting this month I’ll transition back to days, and those kinds of assignments (features, news, portraits). Continue reading

PHOTOS — January 2016

Hi all:

Here are some photos from January of this year. Actually a handful from December 31, because, you know, why not. Continue reading


2015 Year in Review


Hi there:

It’s about that time for a annual blog post where I navel gaze and show off some photos from the year. Continue reading


Another (Busy) 48 Hours

I feel like every day is a busy day for me at work. Not complaining, just stating fact. We’ve had a lot of people leave my department in the last couple years, but the workload hasn’t decreased. In fact, it’s gotten a bit bigger, and shows potential to keep doing so. I suppose if I chose to look on the positive, I could say that busy is better than not, because at least you know they need you. Well, that’s the hope, anyway. Continue reading