The GIF shenanigans continue at Mavs Media Day


Hi all:

I was assigned to shoot the Dallas Mavericks media day this year and decided to keep playing around with animated GIF’s. It ended up being kind of a fun challenge, and gives our folks down in SportsDay some digital content to play with on social media and some other places.

For the technical geeks out there, I ended up using continuous lights to pull this off — specifically some Kino Flo LED lights that we have for video productions. They were kind of a pain to lug out to the American Airlines Center (and then down to the practice court). But, the ambient lighting in the practice area is AWFUL, so I knew I needed to do something on my own to make this work.


As you can see the LED lights, while plenty bright, didn’t quite overpower the ambient in there, which created some weird color cast issues when I shot at higher shutter speeds to freeze action better. That’s one of the reasons I ended up switching the images to grayscale. Also, it knocked the file sizes down some. And also … all the cool kids are doing it.

Also, everything was short on a Canon 1D-X with a 24-70 (II) lens, usually somewhere about 250-640 shutter speed, 2.8 aperture at 640 ISO. People tell me I should post the technical details of how I make pictures, which is how that last sentence happened.

So anyway, hope you enjoy these, and thanks for your time.


Wesley Matthews


Deron Williams


Dirk Nowitzki


A.J. Hammons


Andrew Bogut


Justin Anderson


Quincy Acy


Harrison Barnes


J.J. Barea


Seth Curry


Devin Harris

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