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PHOTOS — January 2016

Hi all:

Here are some photos from January of this year. Actually a handful from December 31, because, you know, why not. Continue reading


Another (Busy) 48 Hours

I feel like every day is a busy day for me at work. Not complaining, just stating fact. We’ve had a lot of people leave my department in the last couple years, but the workload hasn’t decreased. In fact, it’s gotten a bit bigger, and shows potential to keep doing so. I suppose if I chose to look on the positive, I could say that busy is better than not, because at least you know they need you. Well, that’s the hope, anyway. Continue reading

Recent Work, June 2014


I spent about six weeks this spring working on a project that published earlier this month. In between those two points (when I turned in the project, and when it published) and since then, I’ve also been back in the daily assignments rotation. Needless to say I have lots of photos to share this update. Continue reading

Looking back on the NPPA NewsVideo Workshop


I spent last week up in Norman, Okla., at the aforementioned video workshop, which is run by the National Press Photographers Association. In a nutshell, the goal of this training — which you can read more about here — is to take folks who “just shoot video” and help them learn to become “storytellers.” A little heady, I know. Continue reading

One last recent work update


Hi all:

As the title suggests, I thought I’d try to cram one more batch of “recent” images in before we closed out 2013. Continue reading