Another (Busy) 48 Hours

I feel like every day is a busy day for me at work. Not complaining, just stating fact. We’ve had a lot of people leave my department in the last couple years, but the workload hasn’t decreased. In fact, it’s gotten a bit bigger, and shows potential to keep doing so. I suppose if I chose to look on the positive, I could say that busy is better than not, because at least you know they need you. Well, that’s the hope, anyway.

So if being busy is the new normal, then it takes an unusually busy day to get my attention. This weekend, I had two of them.

On Saturday I was assigned to cover a high school football game at Kincaide Stadium, which is on the far south side of Dallas. Kickoff was at 4:30 pm. From there, I was to head over to Globe Life Ballpark in Arlington, for the second night of a three-game series between the Texas Rangers and the Oakland Athletics.

First pitch for Rangers was at 7:05 pm, so basically I only had time to shoot about the first half of the high school game before high-tailing it down Interstate 20 to Arlington.

Sunday was more of the same. Back to the ballpark for a 2:05 pm start time, then walk across the way to AT&T Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys home season opener against the New York Giants. Kickoff at 7:30 pm. BTW, it’s a long walk between the two venues, even though they’re right next to each other.

Before I share some pictures, let’s look at some numbers. Between Saturday and Sunday I …

– Drove 125 miles
– Walked 2.6 miles (I logged this on my phone)
– Walked about five stories worth of stairs (again, phone)
– Took 5,796 pictures
– Captioned, toned and transmitted 95 pictures
– Ate, at the sports venues: two salads; five pieces of chicken breast; one cup cottage cheese; three cookies; and, two small containers of popcorn.
– Drank, at the sports venues: 12 glasses of water; six cups of coffee; two glasses of Diet Dr. Pepper; and, one glasses of iced tea
– Ate, while driving around, a half-cup of Dill Pickle flavored sunflower seeds; small bag of beef jerky; and, small bag of pretzels
– Sucked on five nicotine lozenges

Well, that’s that. Picture time.

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